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The 9 Universal Laws

I have been reading "Your Soul Purpose" by Kim Russo. In the book she explains the nine universal laws. I have heard and read these laws in many different ways, but I think the way she describes them is easier to understand and relate to. In acknowledging and following these laws, we can find our place and purpose in the universe.

  1. The Law of Divine Oneness. This law states that we are all connected to each other and to the universe. Everything we do affects everyone else. This is important to remember as we make decisions in our lives. Not only do your decisions affect you, but they also affect your family, your community, and the world around you.

  2. The Law of Love. Love conquers all. With love all things are possible. We have to open our hearts to accept and give love, as we do, we are allowing ourselves to live our purpose in life.

  3. The Law of Balance. This is the law where Karma lives. It reminds us that with good there is bad, and vice versa. The universe is looking to be in balance and as we take actions in one way, things will need to balance in the other way. Listen to your soul and let things happen as they should, don't force things.

  4. The Law of Vibration. Everything we are and do is energy. Our words, actions, and feelings all carry a vibration. As we increase our vibrations to meet the higher, light vibrations of the universe, amazing things will happen.

  5. The Law of Resistance. This law is a reminder that what we give thought to, even in resisting, we are giving power to. If we tell ourselves not to do something, we will undoubtable think about it.

  6. The Law of Motion. This law is all about change. Change is everywhere and will happen no matter what. Accept change and go with it, instead of against it.

  7. The Law of Attraction. You attract like things. This means if you're thinking or speaking negatively, you will attract like energy. The same is true for thinking and speaking positively. Everything you do and think is determining who and what is in your life. If you're looking to make a change, change your thoughts and actions.

  8. The Law of Polarity. This law reminds us that we can't appreciate the good without knowing the bad. You can't fully appreciate love without knowing fear. You can't know true joy without knowing sadness. We have to know our darkness in order to appreciate the light.

  9. The Law of Gratitude. Remember to show gratitude for the lessons and blessings you receive. Seeing the good in situations and showing your gratitude raises your energy and vibration.

The most important thing I received from her explanation of these laws is that when we lead our lives with love, gratitude, and understanding, we increase our vibration of energy and invite great people and events into our lives. When we do the opposite, leading our lives with fear and resistance, we invite others who are on a lower vibration into our lives. As you choose to live in love you will begin to see how your relationships and life change for the better. This is something I have been noticing as I heal. As I have changed my mindset, toxic relationships are ending, toxic work environments are pushed away, and more positive things happen in my life.

The choice has always been yours. You can choose to live your life through love, or fear.

I choose love.



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