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Why I Like Hiking

If you're looking for a new adventure, start with hiking.

Hiking is such a good way to connect with the universe and those you love. It allows you to focus on the moment. You get to experience new environments while clearing your mind and getting exercise.

My family and I went on a camping trip a few weekends ago and it was my first time to go hiking since my hernia surgery. I was quickly reminded just how much I enjoy being out in nature. We took hikes through the trees, along side a creek. The water was so clear in the creek that you could see the fish and vegetation that was along the creek bed. We also saw a family of deer snacking on the grass nearby. I was struck by the beauty of it all. I can get caught in the daily routine of life and forget about just how amazing our world is.

Hiking is a great time to teach your children about different ecosystems and our impact on those around us. My daughter enjoys seeing new species of plants, butterflies, and animals. I tell her stories about those who came before us and we think about how life was before we had as much as we do now.

If you have never tried hiking, I encourage you to go this summer. Most cities have places you can visit so do a search and see where you can explore. Let me know what you see and what you got out of being in nature.



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