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The Bigger Person

All my life I have been told to be the bigger person.

To look past how I was being treated.

To forgive and forget what was said and done to me.

She was the one who had it hard, not me.

She was the one who struggled to be seen and heard.

All the while she was my constant abuser.

She took pleasure in my hurt and pain.

She enjoyed every mistake I made.

But she was the one I was supposed to look up to.

I never looked for attention or love.

I just wanted to be left alone.

I just wanted to live a life of my own.

She could never allow me happiness.

In my happiness she found anger and resentment.

In my pain she found satisfaction and power.

I never told anyone what she had done.

She made sure no one would believe me even if I did.

I held it all in and blamed myself for everything.

As I grew older, I tried to distance myself.

I set boundaries and cut family out of my life.

I finally had some peace and began to find myself.

But then I began to see her face in my reflection.

It was a constant reminder of me being the bigger person.

Me trying to live my life, but the past constantly re-emerging.

I looked past her and the hurt.

I vowed to never allow her in my life again.

Now I can finally live the life I was always meant to.

I am the bigger person.

For me, not her.

I deserve all the happiness.



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