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Showing Up Matters

Being there for your children is the most important thing to them.

I know that it can be hard to attend all of your child's school and after school activities, but make sure you attend the ones you can. It means the world to your child to know that they have someone in the audience, room, crowd, or on the sidelines supporting them. They need to know that someone believes in them, and someone is proud of them.

When you are there, find them and wave, even if they can't wave back. Let them know you are their biggest fan! Put down your phone, except to take a picture, or five, and enjoy the moment with them.

I know everyone says it, but they do grow up fast and the elementary school days are the fastest. All of the parties, field trips, award ceremonies, and plays can seem like a lot, but you're going to miss is when they get to middle school.

Go to the meet the teacher events, showcases, and open houses. Speak to their teacher, meet their friends and classmates and ask them what they're doing in school. Your child will be excited to invite you into their world. Walk around the school and see what it's like for them each day. Get to know your children the best you can.

Remember to compliment your children and tell them how proud you are of them, even if they didn't score a goal, or forgot their lines, or missed a note. They still tried and did their best; we really shouldn't ask for more than that. Encourage them to be proud of themselves, self-acceptance is important at any age. Children are just learning how to navigate a big and confusing world and it's our job as parents to help them through it the best we can. They need to know that the people around them are cheering them on, in everything they do.



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