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Road Trips Are for Making Memories

If you're traveling for the holdiays, don't forget to stop and enjoy the ride!

The evolution of the road trip.

Road trips these days are much different than when I was a kid. Gone are the days of endless roads, without a restroom in sight, kids pushing it, seeing just how long their bladder could hold on. These days, clean restrooms are advertised on billboards, and some gas stations have become tourist destinations. You can have photo ops, buy souvenirs, and eat great food, all while you’re filling up your gas tank. When I was a kid, you had to go into the store to retrieve a key for the restroom and hold your nose, going as quickly as you possibly could.

There are so many great destinations available for families these days. You can book everything online in advance so that you know where you will be staying. Even if you are going camping, most sites can be booked online. I can remember driving for most of the day only to be searching for a vacancy sign once the sun went down. Usually, we found some small motel that you really only wanted to be in with the lights off. We took a nap, and then we were up and at it again. I now prefer a more leisurely drive, not overdoing the drive time. We pull our RV behind us and camp along the way, no more questionable sleeping conditions for me.

You stop at restaurants for lunch or stop at rest areas along the way to have a picnic while your children play on the playgrounds. Most states even have educational areas where you can learn about local history and attractions. It’s like a built-in history lesson, learning as you travel. True, there aren’t as many, world’s largest items to find, but there is still great fun to be had along the way.

It’s also great to take pictures and not have to wait until you get home and develop them, only to realize your eyes had been closed in all of the pictures. Now, you can instantly make sure you got the whole family in the shot. Just watch your footing and skip the dangerous shots.

Yes, times have changed over the years, but one thing has stayed the same. Road trips are great for making family memories. Kids now have tablets to keep them occupied, but they’re still fighting in the back seat, and parents are still threatening to pull the car over. Kids are still asking, “Are we there yet?” and parents are still cringing every time they hear it, but these times are once in a lifetime. Enjoy the family time while you can and make the most out of every moment.

Grab some snacks. This is when you can get all the junk food you want, prepare the perfect playlist, and get ready for an adventure. Where will you and your family go next? Safe travels!



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