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My Favorite Place

As I breath in the cool, crisp air, I feel a sense of calm pass through my body.

My worries begin to fade with every exhale.

Every inhale brings me peace and clarity.

This is where I belong.

As I feel the damp grass on my bear feet, I feel grounded and whole.

I feel the Earth's energy connected to mine.

I imagine this is how my ancestors lived.

As I watch the birds soar through the sky, I feel free.

I feel the wind on my face and close my eyes, imaging I am flying as they do.

Riding the currents and going with the flow.

This is how life should be.

As the sun's warmth embraces me, I feel loved.

It's as if the entire universe is hugging me.

It feels as if I've been here before.

As the sun begins to set, the sky's beauty begins to appear.

An invisible paintbrush paints the sky.

I feel the calm from the ending day ripple through my body.

I am at peace and ready for my next adventure.



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