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My Evolution

I created an alternate reality.

A place where I could hide and protect myself.

A place where there wasn't any hurt.

A place where everything was good, and I was safe.

I made excuses for everyone's behavior.

They didn't have to explain because I knew why.

They didn't have to apologize because I already forgave them.

They didn't have to change because I accepted them as they were.

I buried the pain and hid the hurt.

I was so good at it that I believed the lies myself.

I allowed myself to be hurt over and over, thinking things would change.

I never knew how love was supposed to feel.

I wore a mask of happiness, pretending life was good.

I was the happy person that never complained.

I was the positive person who always saw the good.

I was holding in all the hurt, hoping it would disappear.

I began to realize I didn't know who I was.

I started taking care of myself.

I started to feel again.

I started to feel all the pain I had been burying.

I began to realize I deserved more.

I had always deserved unconditional love.

I had always been good enough.

I had always been the right person.

I no longer made excuses for other's behavior.

I saw it for what it was.

I quit shouldering the blame.

I could no longer accept their actions and hurtful ways.

I began to cut everyone from my life.

I didn't know who to trust.

I didn't trust myself to make good decisions.

I let my hurt and fear consume me.

I slipped into a dark state.

I struggled to stay afloat.

I struggled to find the light.

I didn't think I could go on.

I slowly began to look inside of me.

I found the little girl who was hiding.

I found her scared and alone.

I reached for her and gave her the love she had always needed and deserved.

I continued to nurture that little girl.

In her I began to live again.

In her I regained my strength and desire.

In her my life gained its meaning.

I owe my life to the girl inside who fought to be seen.

She can finally rest as I take over.

She can finally be seen and heard.

She can finally be at peace.



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