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Living By Love

This is why you should live by love in everything you do.

One of the reasons I changed my blog name to With Love... is because I think it is important that love guides every decision we make. The opposite of love is fear, so if you aren't living by love then you are living by fear.

If you allow it, fear can consume you and influence every aspect of your life.

  • Fear of disappointing someone.

  • Fear of not living up to your potential.

  • Fear of losing your job.

  • Fear of not being a good wife, mother, daughter, etc.

  • Fear of failure.

When you live by love you can turn that fear into positive energy and action.

I used to get anxious when my daughter would wake up sick. I had so many what ifs run through my mind: What if I lose my job because I have to call in? What if I lose my health insurance because I have missed too many hours of work? What if my daughter misses too many days of school? What if my daughter misses out on a school event that she's been looking forward to? Once I turned my thinking into love, I got rid of all of the what ifs. All that mattered was that my daughter was sick, and she needed one of her parents to take care of her. She deserved to get rest and relax in her own bed so she could heal. I can't even begin to tell you what a difference this thinking has made in our lives. My daughter gets the rest she needs and heals quicker than she used to, and I don't feel guilty for taking care of her. I know that when I am making my decisions out of love that everything will be just fine, and it has been!

Living in love creates positive energy and that energy attracts more positive energy. We know that there is always going to be good and bad in our lives, so all that matters is where we are placing our focus. If we are focusing on the good, then we will see the good more often than the bad, and vice versa.

It's important to know that you are not responsible for anyone else's feelings and behaviors. You are only responsible for your feeling and actions. Disappointment and emotions are relative to the person who is feeling them, and you cannot control what anyone is feeling. Take a deep breath and know that you are doing everything you are capable of, and that it is enough.

I would encourage you to stop and think before you make decisions this week. Decide if you are making the decision out of love or fear. If it is fear, then I encourage you to consider making it out of love instead. The more you consciously think about your decisions, the easier it will get to make them out of love.



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