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Getting Rid of Clutter Clears My Mind

As I clear the clutter out of my home, I also clear and ease my mind.

My Story

Several years ago, I began getting rid of clutter. I found that the more I clutter I cleaned out of my home, the more peaceful my home became. The less clutter I had, the more I felt at ease. I have continued to remove clutter, and I have decorated our home with things that mean something to us. Our walls are decorated with artwork that my daughter has created, and with pictures from family trips that we have taken. The items in our house bring us joy when we look at them and create a sense of calm and belonging. I try to only keep things that serve a function in our home, we don't have a lot of nicknacks sitting around.

Having less things also means less cleaning. I don't have as much to dust and pick up. This gives me more time to be in the moment and spend time with my family. I am also spending less money on things for the home, so we have more money for experiences and time together. We enjoy going on family camping trips and we are able to afford more trips now. I don't have to spend every weekend cleaning the house so I able to enjoy more of my time off from work.

How to Get Rid of Clutter

Getting started can sometimes be the hardest part. I would recommend going through closets, cabinets, and drawers first. Once you have cleaned these areas, you can begin looking at items that are out in each room of your home. Maybe spend some time redecorating the walls, and then move to shelves, tables, and furniture. As, you find the items that you love and that you can't bear to part with, put those items where you can see and enjoy them every day. Move items from one room to another, to create a good vibe throughout your home.

Don't save things for special occasions. Use your China on a Tuesday, use a trinket box for your favorite jewelry. If it's something you love, then try to incorporate it into your daily life. Don't keep items that bring you sadness or that you don't like, just because someone gave it to you. If the items are not contributing to your good health and happiness, then it doesn't belong in your home. You can sell or donate items that someone else can use. Perhaps the money you make from selling those items can be used for something that does bring you joy. You can take a trip or attend an event you like.

Here are some items you can begin to eliminate from your home:

  1. Broken items or items that are missing pieces.

  2. Clothes that don't fit or that are worn out.

  3. Items that make you sad or unhappy.

  4. Items that you keep out of obligation to the person who gave it to you.

  5. Items that your children have outgrown or don't use.

  6. Items that you are tired of dusting and taking care of.

  7. Expired items.

  8. Holiday decorations that you no longer use.

  9. Cords that don't go to anything you own.

  10. Projects you don't have time to complete.

If you have children, get them involved. Have them go through their toys and let them pick out the items they would like other children to be able to enjoy.

Don't purchase new items unless they fit into your new mindset of happiness and function. Think before you buy and find a place they will go before you buy something new. Enjoy your new, less cluttered home and get out more to do the things that bring you happiness, with those you love.



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