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Five Words

My one step in the other direction.

My one night of harmless fun, trying to escape my reality.

That's all it took for me to be rejected by my last protector.

Those five words spoken, killed my soul.

They went through my body like a boomerang, leaving no part whole.

Like a knife, penetrating my very essence.

I spent my entire life trying to please everyone around me.

Achieving all that I could without guidance.

Pushing myself to be the best.

In an instant, without hearing me out,

I was discredited, thrown to the side.

Once again, made to feel like I wasn't good enough.

Words can hurt, and those did.

Especially for a child trying to learn their way.

Patience and love are what they need.

"I am disappointed in you."

Those five words impacted me more than anything could.

From then on, I thought those words to be true.

To disappoint meant I wasn't good enough.

Those words fed into what others also told me.

Those five words changed my life from that point on.

I lost myself even more.

Trying to reach perfection.

Trying to be the best person and daughter I could.

Those five words spoken,

No words had ever hurt so bad.

No words had ever had such an impact.

Choose your words carefully.

Encourage and teach with patience, expect misjudgments to happen.

Hold your children and love them without end.



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