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Dance it Out!

Music is amazing. It has such a power to calm the mind and body. Hearing a familiar song is like reliving a moment in time.

There's a reason couples have "their song". Hearing the right song can get you out of a slump or even help you to have a good cry. Either way you're releasing endorphins, the feel-good chemicals of the body.

If I've had a particularly challenging day I like to go home and turn on the music. I wait for the right song and I dance it out! I'll even call my daughter in to dance with me. We jump around, twirl, and laugh wildly.

After the song finishes, we're smiling and laughing and wanting to dance to the next one. Moving your body is good for you mind, body and soul. The more you do it the more you want to.

It's hard not to be happy while you're jumping around singing. Being carefree and living in each moment has been key to my healing and happiness. I hope you will get up and dance the next time you're having a challenging day.

Here is a poem I wrote about music.


The lyrics, the tune, the vibration.

Transporting you back to a moment in time.

Watching your life from the outside, reliving a magical moment.

A spectator to your past.

Bringing up emotions, good, bad, and indifferent.

Ebbing and flowing like the tide.

Freezing you in time, from intro to the outro.

A momentary escape from life's demands.

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22 juin 2023


Jacquelyn Luby
Jacquelyn Luby
22 juin 2023
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