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Allow Your Children to Make Mistakes

Making mistakes is how we learn, and our children are no exception. They need to make mistakes so they can learn how to handle disappointment and learn critical thinking skills. They need to know the world is not always kind and how to make best of a bad situation. It can be tempting to want to protect your children from making mistakes, but it is better for them to make mistakes so they can learn from them.

The truth is, our children are going to make a lot of mistakes, just as we have, and still are. It's our job as parents to help them through their mistakes, without taking over the situation. Give your child advice but let them fix their own mistakes.

When my daughter comes to me with a problem these are the steps I follow.

  1. I listen to her to learn about the problem she is facing. I give her my full attention and process what she is telling me.

  2. I ask questions to get a better understanding of the situation. (Ex: how did you react, is this the first time it has happened, etc.)

  3. We talk through why she is facing this problem. We talk about how it may be avoided in the future. We try to see the situation from the other person's perspective.

  4. I give her advice, she tells me what she feels comfortable with, and we talk through her next steps.

  5. She executes the plan.

  6. I follow up with her to see how it's going.

  7. If everything is solved then we move on. If it's not then we come up with another plan.

We have used these steps to address bullying, friendships, school tasks, and everyday problems that arise.

I have seen my daughter gain confidence in handling hard situations because she is handling them herself. Sure she makes mistakes along the way, but the important thing is she's learning from those mistakes. She able to use the same advice for multiple situations and she's developing critical thinking skills.

When it comes to bullying, I always offer to talk to the teacher for her and I tell her I will step in if things get physical or violent, but I've never had to. She would rather handle it herself and I respect that decision. I would never talk to the teacher without telling her first because if she's not in danger then I want to respect her decisions so that she continues to feel comfortable coming to me with her problems.

The best way we can help our children is by being there for them, without judgment.

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19 de jun. de 2023

Such a fabulous piece of article

Jacquelyn Luby
Jacquelyn Luby
19 de jun. de 2023
Respondendo a

Thank you. I appreciate your support, and I'm glad you enjoyed my post.


19 de jun. de 2023



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