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Affordable Family Activities

Your children will appreciate the memories, not how much it costs.

Family fun days don't have to cost a fortune. Your children are going to appreciate the time you are spending with them, not how much the activity costs. I have compiled a list of fun activities that are also affordable.

Family Game Nights

  • Board games

  • Video games

  • Tic tac toe

  • Rock, paper, scissors

  • Charades

You can keep it simple or create a themed night. We like to have family game nights where everyone gets to pick their favorite board game to play. We're not super competitive, but if you are, you can make it a tournament where the winner get to pick the next activity you do as a family.


  • Make friendship bracelets

  • Draw

  • Color

  • Write a story

  • Make things out or clay

  • Paint

You could write a story together and then take turns creating the illustrations. We recently relived my childhood by creating friendship bracelets out of embroidery floss.

Be Active Together

  • Go for a walk

  • Do Yoga

  • Create your own exercise routine

  • Dance to music

  • Jump in water puddles after the rain

We love to put music on and jump around. It's great for getting out of a funk after a long day.

Quiet Activities

  • Read together

  • Have a movie night on the couch

  • Look at family pictures

  • Puzzles

  • Build a blanket fort to tell stories under

  • Cuddle

  • Cook together

Even when you don't feel like being active, there are things you can do together.

All of these activities are great learning experiences for your children. You can decide which ones are right for your family and how often you want to do them.

Let me know what you do for family fun!



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